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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


United States Concealed Carry Association

Support Warrior Project

  • We are the platform for service members of all branches,  both past and present who are exploring business ownership. The organization's mission is to successfully transition military members, veterans and their families through the provisions of entrepreneurial education and business development services. 

Just An Accident Stop Hit And Runs

Founded in 2016, Just An Accident Stop Hit-and-Runs aims to produce one singular outcome: The reduction of Hit-and-Run fatalities in Florida to ZERO by 2021. Zero Fathers or Mothers taken away. Zero Husbands or Wives lost. Zero Brothers or Sisters killed.This task is Herculean. Hit-and-Run fatalities have remained flat in recent years, neither increasing nor decreasing substantially. Dr. Green-Samuel believes that with a Three-Pronged approach; AwarenessEducation and Advocacy, not only is it possible to decrease hit-and-runs, it is possible to ELIMINATE them altogether.