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M. Brown 

  Mario has over 16 years of military experience. Servings as a machine gunner, to light Infantry Platoon Sergeant and Senior Drill Sergeant. Mario has been around weapons the entirety of his adulthood, and is well versed in close quarters combat and short to long range marksmanship. Mario has served as an Infantrymen in the United States Army, and has deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during 4 critical phases of the conflict. Mario has taught courses such as “Machine Gun Theory” to foreign army and police forces worldwide. Mario has also instructed many weapons courses domestically for the different branches of the military. He has taught from basic, intermediate and advanced rifle marksmanship to countless Soldiers over the course of 14 years. He has attended and graduated from various shootings schools in the military such as “Mountain Leaders Advanced Rifle Marksmanship” and is a recognized graduate of the United States Army’s “Small Arms Master Gunner Course”. Mario is currently servings as an United States Army Senior Drill Sergeant and holds affiliations with recognized organizations such as the NRA and USCCA as an instructor.  

A. Howard

  Howard has over 6 years of law enforcement experience. He has served as a Florida Surety agent with over 300 apprehension of violent fugitives all over the United States. He currently serves on the police department as a Priority Response Team operator. Howard has over 8 years of military experience and is currently a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army. He is an active member of both the NRA and USCCA as an instructor. Howard has multiple certificates including one in EMT/First Responder, along with a degree in Criminal Justice and another degree in Intelligence Operations from American Military University.

S. Rohloff

  Scott has over 16 years of military service with six and half of those served as an infantryman while on active duty.  During that time Scott served and trained in a wide variety of positions as a team leader, squad leader and vehicle commander in a Stryker brigade.  His weapons experience includes pistols, rifles, and small to large automatic machine guns while achieving expert shooting status in all of them.  He has continued to serve his country since 2009 in the Untied States Army Reserves as a senior Drill instructor in a Drill Sergeant unit training brand new recruits to serve in todays Army.  Some of his accomplishments include a CIB (Combat Infanty Badge), EIB (Expert Infantry Badge), two successful year and a half deployments to include many decorated awards. Scott has affiliation with professional organizations as an instructor with the USCCA and the NRA.  

D. Hernandez

  Daniel Hernandez has 8 years of experience in the US Army Infantry, serving as an M249 SAW and M240B machine gunner prior to becoming a Team Leader, and Weapons Squad Leader. As a Machine Gun Team Leader, Daniel was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2013. He has also instructed multiple marksmanship and weapons courses throughout his career in the Military. In addition to trainings and deployment, he has competed in and won several Unit M4 marksmanship based competitions. Daniel attended the FL Police Academy in 2017 and has been working for The Vero Beach Police Department as a Patrol Officer since becoming certified. Daniel attended and graduated the US Army Drill Sergeant Academy in 2018. He has become exceptional in regard to handgun marksmanship and is currently attending the FL General Instructor Techniques Course that certifies officers to teach at all Police Academies and Police Agencies statewide. Hernandez has affliations with professional organizations as an instructor with the USCCA and NRA.